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Introducing MM Vintage!

MM Vintage Stemming from a passion for vintage fashion, MM Vintage uses vintage aesthetics to create modern designs for everyday style. Elaborate handcrafted elements, colorful statement embroideries, and accent stitching evoke a feeling of artisanal craft while a laid-back, California-cool approach to style puts together an eclectic, vintage-meets modern collection. Denim staples feature vintage cuts and finishes to give it that perfectly worn-in look and feel. MM Vintage offers on-trend artisanal designs with quality fabric at contemporary price points. The collection ranges from sportswear separates and outerwear to denim bottoms that create a cohesive look.

MM Vintage is designed for denim lovers, artists, and for the free-spirited.

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     MM Vintage Rose Skinny           MM VIntage Hazel Skinny

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