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Rinse Bath & Body Co.

An abbreviated history of rinse bath & body...

It all started in 2002 when a girl (Heather) couldn’t knit. She was working on the Supercross circuit (yes, dirt bikes) & traveling across the country pretty much every week. She was in desperate need of a creative outlet... a hobby.

She taught herself to knit, but couldn’t knit anything other than squares & rectangles.She loved to accessorize, but a girl only needs so many scarves. Enter soapmaking. She took a class with her ever so crafty mom (she can do just about anything that has anything to do with crafting). They stood side by side melting, mixing & stirring our soap. The next day when they uncovered their concoctions, the soap was perfect (ironically enough, her mom’s soap didn’t turn out) - She was hooked.

When you make soap, you make pounds at a time. So to justify to her husband why she had to make more soap she gave it away to anyone who would take it. As she was formulating recipes and experimenting with ingredients, she was perfecting her products. The people who she once had to beg to take products off her hands started making requests and insisting on paying for them. 

This is when her husband and she looked at each other & thought they might just have something. Since they founded Rinse Bath & Body Co. in 2003, their operation has quickly developed into a popular brand of products being featured in many stores & spas across the country.  You may even be able to spy Rinse in Disney World for their Food & Wine as well as their Flower & Garden Festivals.

Rinse is still very much a family business (now located in Monroe, Georgia). All of their products are still produced in small batches (to ensure the quality and freshness).  You may wonder how they get it all done... with the help of moms, of course!


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