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Aunty Acid Breaks the Internet

Aunty Acid Breaks the Internet

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Wickedly witty and wonderfully wise, Aunty Acid is back with a whole new collection about the world of technology.

Aunty Acid is the sassy senior created to give “the crazy old lady in all of us” a voice that can be heard from ten blocks away. In Aunty Acid Breaks the Internet, this feisty senior tells it like it is. She has her own unique opinions about technology, social media, and everything having to do with the digital world.

Aunty Acid is created by Gad Backland, who had been the creative head of the humor divisions for both Hallmark and Americans Greetings in the UK until 2007. His Aunty Acid books are brought to life by the team at the Backland Studio in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in Northern England.

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