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Caite Fia Fall Embroidered Dress | Army

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100% Cotton

One of our favorite brands: Caite and Kyla, outdo themselves again with this stunning button down dress. This piece has an army/olive distressed wash and the most stunning floral embroidery along the back panel. The floral embroidery captures all the colors of the season we are focused on, burgundies,  corals, ochres, greens. A button sleeve, so you can roll up the sleeves with ease. 

We love the versatility of this piece; wear it as intended as a button down dress, even add a belt for a more edgy look. We love opting for a duster look; unbuttoned, layered over a sweater and with a rolled up cuff. Throw on any of those floral colors as a sweater and pair of dark jeans; match it with any of your favorite BedStu or Sofft boots to complete the look! 

"A knockout for the season and an absolute must have statement piece" says our PDX location!