Henriette Steffensen - 7129 - Long Blazer

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Henriette Stephensen products are soft and are perfect for a night out or a day in the office!

True Fleece is our core product, interpreted in a variation of contemporary classic styles, equally suited for both work and leisure. The designs are flattering, comfortable and versatile, extending its use for the entire day. The composition of our Oeko-Tex® certified fabric with 70% of high-quality polyester fibres, and 30% hard spun viscose, creates the unique softness and fluffiness that is so very characteristic for this brand. We use many different dye techniques to obtain our special colours and the high colourfastness which gives us the opportunity to create vivid, interesting colour tones inspired by nature’s own colour pallet. We pledge to highly controlled knitting technology, surface cutting and brushing techniques that ad to the cosy soft sensation and to the volume of the fibre. As we do not use a high amount of softener in production the extreme fluffiness of our products will reduce slightly after wash. All our fleece qualities are produced at carefully selected high level industrial facilities in Italy.

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