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Studio Soul Blue Sage +Mixed Herb Bundle - Large

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“Smudging is an ancient practice where you burn dried sage or other dried herbs to cleanse a person or area”. You just light a small corner of the sage and walk to cleanse the area of toxins and bad energy. Good vibes only please! Now for the fun part of why Sage bundles are the new “wellness” gift!

1) Sage bundles can be used to add decoration to any space. The dried flowers hold their color and the sage holds its familiar smell for up to six months. Add it to your office area, bathroom, or leave in your intimate garment drawer. Sage bundles are the perfect gift to give anyone.

2) Sage can clear away orders and eliminate toxins from the air. We’re talking serious healing properties here!

3) Who doesn’t love to eat! Throw a little sage in your next Pasta meal, sauté a few veggies and VOILÀ! Bon appétite.

Sage bundles are the perfect anytime gift! Especially for the person in your life who has everything!

Each Bundle is unique and may not feature the flowers or decorations as pictured. We will ensure you are shipping a beautiful Sage Bundle including a varity of dried flowers.