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Tori Camp Happy Army Jacket | Green Embroidered

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100% Cotton 

As many of you know, we have a love affair with our military inspired utilitarian jackets. You may also know how much we love Billy T's denim embroidered shirts. Well, we have outdone ourself this time with this newest jacket! 

This lightweight military jacket has the most exquisite pop of color with its floral embroidery. So many great colors here - with bright pinks, corals, yellows and white, help really elevate the impact the embroidery makes here! Has a true to fit size, with an inside cord to cinch the waist, for that extra attention to detail. Dual bust pockets with embroidery and side pockets. There's a great moment to be able to pop your collar on this jacket, or choose to wear it more traditionally. The fit will lay right at the hip, making it easy to pair with any rise of denim you choose. 

This is our store manager Kai's favorite must have for the season! 

Pair with one of our favorite Drfitwood pants, the Driftwood Audrey Jeans | Belle Fleur - the embroidery matches perfectly and the light distressing makes it a knockout match for that military look.