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S'mores! Riffs on the Campfire Classic

S'mores! Riffs on the Campfire Classic

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Putting the more in s’mores!

While contemplating a
traditional s’more, mad genius Dan Whalen, the recipe creator behind
Tots!, asked a tasty question: What would happen if you kept the
essential s’mores architecture—three layers of gooey, melty, and
crunchy—but changed it up? The result? More than 50 playful,
irresistible recipes that completely challenge the definition of a
s’more. Riffs range from classic—Salted Caramel S’mores, Nutella
S’mores, and Lemon Meringue S’mores—to crazy. Think Avocado S’mores,
S’moresburgers, and the Elvis—bacon, banana, and peanut butter nirvana.

Enjoy your s’mores all year long! Every recipe is designed to be made in the broiler as well as over a campfire.

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