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The Campout Cookbook

The Campout Cookbook

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Forget freeze-dried astronaut meals and
bags of stale, store-bought gorp. Finally, here’s a cookbook that
complements the magic of gathering around a campfire and sharing a meal
with friends. From the IACP Award–winning authors of The Picnic, which
brought taste and style to eating outdoors (in the daytime), comes its
companion, for leaving civilization behind and dining under the stars. A
mix of dishes to make ahead and meals to cook on-site, The Campout
Cookbook includes more than 75 recipes for wood-fired skillet pizzas;
backcountry stews and chilies; fire-roasted vegetables and cast-iron
breads; unexpected dips, jerkies, and high-energy bars; breakfasts to
satisfy that yawning hunger that comes from sleeping in the fresh air;
s’mores, of course (including Vanilla Bean Dream Marshmallows & Co.
and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Caramel Fire-Ban S’mores); and cocktails,
coolers, warm libations for chilly nights, and a Blood Orange Bug Juice.

Plus there’s inspiration and know-how for every avid camper and
enthusiastic neophyte: How to find a suitable campsite and build a
campfire specifically for cooking over, and how to keep it going.
Stargazing for city slickers. A troubleshooting guide. And the
definitive packing list and camp kitchen essentials. Just add a few
scary stories for a truly memorable campout.

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